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отзыв с оценкой 3 проверяется

Зимой 2013 г. взял кредитную

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13.5. Международные кредитные отношения

Информация, релевантная "13.5. Международные кредитные отношения"

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САИЖК (Свердловское агентство ипотечного жилищного кредитования)

На главную | Наши услуги | Ипотека в Екатеринбурге | САИЖК (Свердловское агентство ипотечного жилищного

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Ипотечное кредитование в Германии

Не смотря на финансовый кризис в Германии продолжают выдаваться ипотечные кредиты на тех же условиях, как и до кризиса.


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1.      Шевчук Д.А. Ипотека: просто о сложном. – М. ГроссМедиа: РОСБУХ, 2008.

2.      Шевчук Д.А. Квартира в кредит без проблем. – М. АСТ: Астрель, 2008.


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Core inflation, which strips out some volatile items, was 0.4 percent in the month, the statistics service said. 18.04.2012 17:14 IMF: The global economy is on track to expand this year by 3.5 per cent and by 4.1 per cent next year GLOBAL growth is slowly improving as the US recovery gains traction and dangers from Europe recede, but risks remain elevated and the situation is very fragile, the International Monetary Fund said. Another flare-up of the eurozone sovereign debt crisis or sharp escalation in oil prices on geopolitical uncertainty could disrupt the world economy finding its feet now tensions in the eurozone have subsided.
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The job additions may disappoint some people. Economists expected 210,000 jobs to be added in March and the unemployment rate to stay at 8.3 percent as more discouraged workers reentered the job market. February`s jobs added was revised up to 275,000 from 227,000 jobs, which was slightly more than expected and capped the best six-month streak for job additions since the depths of the financial crisis in 2008. January was revised lower to 275,000 from 284,000 jobs added. 08.04.2012 16:38 The Russian Economic Development Ministry forecasts GDP will grow 3.
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A Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas establishing the Caribbean Community including the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) was signed by the Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community on July 5 2001 at their Twenty-Second Meeting of the Conference in Nassau, The Bahamas. The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has become unofficially multilingual in practice with the addition of Dutch-speaking Suriname on July 4, 1995 and Haiti, where French and Haitian Creole are spoken, on July 2, 2002. In 2001, the heads of government signed a Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas thus clearing the way for the transformation of the Common Market aspect of CARICOM.
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Островерхова Елена Валерьевна

Контактная информация

Дополнительная информация


Год рождения: 18.12.1987г.


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There is also a quasi Cabinet of individual Heads of Government who are given specific responsibility or portfolios for overall regional development and integration. The Legislative The Community Council: The Council consists of Ministers responsible for Community Affairs and any other Minister designated by the Member States in their absolute discretion. It is one of the the principal organs (the other being the Conference of the Heads of Government) and is supported by four other organs and three bodies.